FIU China Dr. Rosenberg with Students An Important Journey An Important Journey Miami - 27/7 City Being Worlds Ahead means providing an environment that will help prepare out students to compete in today's global economy

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Education can and does have a magical, if not revolutionary impact on people.  At FIU, we are proud of the amazing learning experience that our faculty and staff provide for our hard-working students.   We have redoubled our efforts in recent years to ensure a World’s Ahead education that prepares students for the rigors of the 21st century workplace while helping to nurture the aesthetic, ethical and leadership qualities that students will need to be effective global citizens. 

We are so proud of our incredible location—in a vibrant, edgy, globally connected 24/7 city—Miami.  Our bright and ever-changing skyline, tasteful tropical cuisine, dynamic and varied arts, elegant malls, and array of ethnic neighborhoods make for an unforgettable college experience.

We have the best of both worlds—a first rate faculty with high expectations for student performance against a backdrop of one of the world’s most visited living laboratories—South Florida. 

We have added dozens of new academic advisers in recent years and we are continually developing new internship opportunities with leading for-profit and not for profit institutions to ensure that students have an opportunity for applied practical work experience before they graduate.  Students cannot find a better global location for internships, work experience, and fun!

Our University community has a tradition of turning the impossible into the inevitable.  You and your families can become part of this unforgettable experience at FIU.

If you want an affordable high quality residential experience in a globally connected place, a diverse faculty deeply engaged in their fields and community, and energy and lifetime connections to invigorate your drive for success, you are at the right place!

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Mark B. Rosenberg