Event Request Form

The following protocol will be used when President Rosenberg’s participation is requested at any university event:

  • The department requesting his participation should first contact the Coordinator, Administrative Services (CAS), in order to select dates(s). Once chosen, the department must complete the attached Event Request Form (ERF) and return to CAS.
    • NOTE: Though dates are held, the President’s participation is not confirmed until the CAS emails you confirmation.
  • The initiating department will incur ALL expenses for the event. These include, but are not limited to, catering, linens, flowers, police, parking, technology and photography.
  • The initiating department will draft the invitation and guest list. Proposed invitation and guest list should be emailed to the CAS for review and approval by the both the CAS and the President
    • For events of 20 and under, invites should go out no later than 2 weeks prior.
    • For large-scale events, invites should go out 4 weeks prior.
    • Please allow at least ten (10) business days for the CAS and President to review and approve the draft invitation.
    • NOTE: At this time, all in-person events need to be approved by External Relations and comply with all FIU COVID-19 policies and procedures in place at the time of event.
  • If applicable, Event Protocol and Community Relations (contact info below) should be contacted to schedule an Event Walkthrough at least seven (7) days before date of event.
  • The initiating department must designate a contact person and provide necessary support staff to work prior, during and after the event.
  • President Rosenberg will be briefed internally approximately 7 days before event. As such, we will require you to provide the following a week prior to event: an event program, guest list, bios for VIPs on guest list, background on the event (ex. purpose or goal), and if the President is requested to speak, detailed speaking points. If updates to the original submission occur, a final version of all documents should be received electronically by CAS by 3:00 p.m. the business day prior to event.

ADVANCEMENT UNITS: For Advancement areas, including Development Officers, this form should be submitted to Cathy Torres and Amber Rodriguez.


Scheduling, Approvals and Briefings

Event Walkthroughs

Isabela Corzo, MPA

Coordinator of Administrative Services

E-mail: icorzo@fiu.edu

Dania Pearson-Adams

Senior AVP, Event Protocol & Community Relations

E-mail: daniapa@fiu.edu