Dear colleague,

Our FIU had nearly 100 students in Washington, D.C., during this Spring Break in a variety of activities designed to enhance the student experience. Who were these students and what were they up to?

During their visit to D.C., our student intelligence fellows from the Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy visited many of the intelligence community agencies, participated in a state of the art wargaming session run by Washington defense insider Robert Kurz and attended a networking reception with members of the intelligence community. 

Students from our College of Law spent three days visiting federal legal shops and met with former Obama senior legal appointee Fred Pfaeffle, among others. We were also privileged to host our Panthers from Student Access & Success — who had three days focused on advocacy and higher education. They visited Capitol Hill, the White House and Ford Motors.

Special thanks to Eric Feldman and Anthony Rionda of our Government Relations Office for the extra attention they gave to our Spring Breakers during their Washington travels.

In the Panther spirit,

Mark B. Rosenberg